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Working Together logoOur aims are to support agencies working together with children, young people and their families.  Integrated Working helps preventative services to be better co-ordinated and ensure that children, young people and their families are offered support at an earlier stage. There are many different agencies working with children and young people and these pages show how this work is being done and also shows some very good examples.

NHS South Gloucestershire

Jenny Smith - A senior physiotherapist  at Frenchay Hospital worked with a child with complex cerebral palsy who was part of a large family.  Jenny involved paediatricians, orthopaedic surgeons, social services, home education, and health physical management in the package that was finally put together to support this child and their family and it worked in a positive way.

Play Bus After School Project

Dawn Breeze - Head teacher at Holy Family Primary School worked on a project that was started particularly for the traveller community because they have a very high traveller percentage in their area.  Dawn worked very closely with the Traveller Unit and Philip Matson of Extended Schools.  It was organised for the Play Bus to come into school for organised play sessions along with playworkers which had visited the travellers site before.  Because the playworkers were already known to the traveller's children there was already a lot of trust between them.  This has now in turn led to the whole school benefiting from having the Play Bus and led Dawn to look at play throughout the school during the school week. The positive outcome has been that it has had a knock on effect on behaviour, because the children are able to let off more steam and this has also boosted attendance. 

Breakthrough Project

Steve Spiers - Senior Sports Development Officer for the Breakthrough Project told us of a young girl who they started working with when she was 16 and had had an attempt on her life, didn't know her mother and her father was an an alcoholic and out of work.  Through the support of her mentor she started going to the gym, put a C.V. together, successfully applied for a job and supported into independent living.  She is now doing A'levels at evening class and looking at going to university.  With regular support over the last three years she is looking forward to a very successful future.  This young girl has also expressed an interest in becoming a mentor herself in the future.

Charborough Road Primary School

Head teacher Nicola Bailey is involved in the family Learning Project at her school which has been running for over two years now.  She told us that she went to an Integrated Working training day and met up with someone from community learning and someone from the Southern Brookes Partnership who were very experienced in parenting and teaching parents about parenting.  It was decided that they would run a six week course about healthy lifestyles at school.  All who attended had a great time; the school kitchen was taken over once a week. They made smoothies, beauty products and talked about healthy lunch boxes which in turn led on to things in school. A competition was held about healthy lunch boxes, which was an issue for the school so the course itself had good knock effects. 

Another example of how working together has helped an individual was when they found they had a very challenging child. He had suffered an enormous amount of abuse in his life, which was causing him to use anti-social behaviour; he was stealing and causing criminal damage around him. The school got him involved with the Southern Brookes PIP project; he was picked up from school and encouraged to take part in activities that he wouldn’t normally have had access to. They also registered him with the Breakthrough Project where he was suited with a very good mentor who picked him up from home and encouraged him to join a rugby club; watch games and also go to football matches. This child’s life has been turned around by us drawing in external resources and using mentors and a buddy who did lots of work with him, he has started secondary education a completely different child. 

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